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Are you in need of local shed builders to bring you quality locally made Memphis sheds? Then we are the company for you! Storage Sheds Memphis has offered affordable sheds Memphis residents have relied on for years to a diverse group of customers. So if you are in need of a little extra storage space then call us today!

Welcome To Storage Sheds Memphis

Welcome to Storage Sheds Memphis! We are your local shed builders that have brought custom sheds to Memphis for years with a quality they can depend on.

Initially, as you begin your search for the best company to fit your needs, you may have some questions you need to have answered. Questions like who are the best custom shed builders near me, are there any shed makers near me, or who are the highest quality shed builder near me?

The good news for you is you have found Storage Sheds Memphis! Not only can we offer answers to these questions and so much more, but we can provide the very best Memphis storage sheds and other services.

About Storage Sheds Memphis

Storage Sheds Memphis has utilized our custom shed builders to bring high-quality portable buildings Memphis residents have grown to rely on and love for years.

Finding a quality shed builder in Memphis does not have to feel like such a chore when you have the right team working with you from the very beginning. No matter the need, we can almost guarantee that we have a service for all storage buildings for Memphis projects, and get your project done right the first time!

We offer services such as animal housing. Small structures were built to protect dogs or chickens from harsh weather conditions while remaining convenient to own and operate.

We also offer services for more fun activities such as playhouses for children and mini-cabins for outdoors enthusiasts needing a consistent and convenient place of rest.

Storage Sheds Memphis chooses to offer all of these services as one more opportunity to better serve our customers. Our local Memphis shed builders are absolutely dedicated to making your project as convenient and productive as possible.

So you may require some extra storage space, animal housing, or even a fun and safe place for your children to play. If you do then choose a company that has built reliable sheds Memphis has loved for years. Contact our team today.

Why Choose Us?

Anyone can aspire to be a shed builder in some form or another. But it takes a dedicated and truly qualified individual or company to bring you the type of quality we offer.

Other Memphis shed builders may choose to offer simple solutions to problems customers may face. We offer convenience and quality through a variety of services and products that you know will stand the test of time. Simply put, it is a product and company you know you can depend on.

Making the best sheds in Memphis requires dedication not only to the project itself. It requires a team that is willing to give their absolute best to their company and their customers.

We have accomplished this by implementing three core values into our company's foundation. Every employee is expected to live by these values at all times. Creating a name that you know you can trust when employing our services.

These values are:

  • Accountability
  • Integrity
  • Fun

Accountability is important when working on any sort of construction project. We need our customers to trust our work and its stability. Whether it comes to relying on a sturdy structure or knowing that our work is able to withstand harsh weather conditions over the years. If our employees do not remain accountable for errors or paying attention to small details in their work then the overall quality can suffer greatly.

Integrity is a word that can be implemented into many important uses for various reasons. Some basic examples of the importance of this value can include honesty in initial pricing quotes for our customers. Or perhaps displaying strong moral ethics when faced with a tough decision.

Finally, we want our employees to have fun! Having fun at work is highly important as work may feel repetitive from time to time. Having fun at work brings about a positive work environment that our customers can easily recognize and feel when they enter our building. This creates a more positive atmosphere and always helps generate a positive customer service experience during any step of the shed process.

So if you want a team that is dedicated to every customer, that you know demonstrates a high moral character and accountability then you need to hire the company built around serving you. Give us a call today or visit us in person to experience this wonderful atmosphere for yourself!

What To Expect?

First, you can always expect the same wonderful quality that all other customers have received throughout the years.

The first step in the process is already in the making, and that is work done by you! You first must recognize your needs as a consumer and know the basics of what you will be asking for when you first meet with us.

We can discuss options that will best fit your needs. This could include potentially requiring more space than you originally thought or even offering a smaller space.

We will also discuss various options you have for personalizing your shed. This can include certain doors, windows, and colors.

Finally, after your purchase, you can plan on having our builders arrive at your home to begin work on your shed. Before long you will be enjoying and utilizing your brand new custom shed!

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Shed Styles

memphis sheds barn style sheds

Barn Style Sheds

Barn style sheds are a common choice for customers choosing their new shed as it is an instantly recognizable and popular look. Barn style sheds are great for smaller and larger structures housing your belongings and keeping them safe from humidity and other harsh weather conditions.

memphis storage sheds gable style sheds

Gable Style Sheds

Due to their look, Gable style sheds are also a great choice for eye-catching yet convenient storage housing. Because of their design, gable style sheds offer a good roof height and make it easy to store excess belongings such as large gardening tools. Gable style sheds are perfect to match with almost any style home due to their design and look!

memphis shed builder hip style sheds

Hip Style Sheds

When the look of your shed becomes just as important as the use itself then hip style sheds are an absolute must for you! Hip style sheds are known for their perfectly symmetrical design which brings four sides of a roof up to form a perfect peak. This style shed is sure to catch the attention of your guests and is a perfect addition to your garden or simple backyard.

memphis portable buildings metal sheds

Metal Sheds

We are proud to offer the best metal sheds Memphis has available! Metal sheds are typically a good financial choice as they are generally less expensive than other large storage buildings. Metal sheds are a convenient structure to add to your backyard all with the ease of use and strong ability to protect your belongings you need to have stored.

memphis affordable sheds & mini cabins

Mini Cabins

Mini-cabins have many practical uses. Ranging from a warm place to sleep at a lakeside property to a good base to return to while on a hunting and fishing trip. These small cabins can comfortably hold up to about four people to sleep in and can even include power.

memphis affordable sheds & dog kennels

Dog Kennels

For our customers who own a dog that is in need of a good sturdy structure to house them, our dog kennels are a fantastic solution. They give your dog the ability to choose whether they want to be indoors or outdoors, by use of a small door. They can be protected by four walls and a roof, but also can spend time outdoors while still being inside a fence.

memphis custom sheds & chicken coops

Chicken Coops

Raising chickens can be an absolute nightmare if you do not have a proper chicken coop. That’s why we offer this service to our customers! With the ease of use and ability to customize in different ways, our chicken coops provide a way to conveniently clean and take care of your chickens.

memphis storage buildings & utility sheds

Utility Sheds

When you have excess belongings and no longer have room in your garage or storage spaces in your home then utility sheds are a great solution for you! You can safely store all of your belongings while keeping them protected from extreme weather conditions.

memphis sheds and playhouses


Did you ever wish you had a fort or tree house growing up as a kid? Well, consider offering that gift to your children! Our company builds some of the best and highest quality playhouses around! Our playhouses offer countless hours of imaginative playtime while offering a safe environment for your children to play. So if you want to give a gift that keeps on giving call us about our playhouses today!

memphis shed kits

Shed Kits

For every day do it yourself type of person we now are happy to offer shed kits! Our shed kits provide all the basic materials you need to build your very own shed!

Contact our shed builders for a free estimate on a custom shed

About Memphis Tennessee

Memphis is a city on the Mississippi River in Southwest Tennessee. Memphis is famous for its influence of blues and rock n’ roll that originated there. It is also home to the Rock N’ Soul Museum, Blues Hall of Fame, and Stax Museum of American Soul Music.

The current unemployment rate is 5.5% while the national average is 3.7%. The sales tax rate is 9.3% while the national average is 6.2%.

Surrounding cities include:

  • West Memphis
  • Marion
  • Walls
  • Proctor
  • Turrell
  • Crawfordsville
  • Edmondson
  • Clarkedale
  • Many other surrounding areas

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is there a difference between a storage shed and a storage building?

Yes, there is. The difference is the look and size of the building. Storage buildings look more like buildings while storage sheds simply look like a shed. Storage buildings can also be much larger becoming something of an office if someone were to decide.

What kind of material will be used for the roof on my shed?

You can expect the same roofing materials used on a standard house to be used on the roof of your shed.

How long should I expect builders to be at my home?

You can expect builders to be at your home typically average about eight hours or the length of an average workday. This can of course fluctuates depending on the type of shed and project you choose.


I was in desperate need of a much larger storage shed to begin working on cars. With my new shed, I am able to house all of my large and small tools with room to spare. This was a great investment and has worked perfectly for me so far.

Kyle C.


I had no idea that sheds could be so versatile. I purchased a large shed to clear out my garage as much as I possibly could. When I spoke with Storage Sheds Memphis they not only gave me a great deal but were able to look at all of my belongings and help me plan out a storage shed with tons of room and still keep it organized. Great company to buy from!

John H.


The best part of my new dog kennel is how comfortable my dog is while still outside. I see him moving in and out as he pleases and I know he is kept warm and dry when needed. He also is able to spend time outside when it is warm but still remain in the shade at all times providing extra comfort. I love this purchase and I know my dog does too.

Royce H.

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We have helped our customers with their needs ranging from animal housing issues to small office space and even a small cabin in the woods. We love seeing the joy on our customers’ faces when they see their new structure for the first time.

If a quality product is what you are after so you know your belongings are safe and secure then you need a shed from Storage Sheds Memphis. Contact us today and together we will begin work on a new custom shed for you that will last you for years to come!

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